Qualified passenger transport

driving licence categories A-T:
A since 1997
B since 1988
C + D since 1994

1993 - 1998 taxi driver in Paderborn
1994 - 1998 coach driver in Paderborn

since 1995 coach driving experience across Europe:
Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Barcelona, Belgrade, Brussels, Budapest, Bucarest, Cannes, Calvi, Cognac, The Hague, Edinburgh, Florence, Graz, Helsinki, Innsbruck, Inverness, Jönköping, Copenhagen, London, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Madrid, Marbella, Marseille, Minsk, Moscow, Nice, Novi Sad, Oslo, Paris, Porto, Prague, Riga, Rome, Salzburg, Sofia, Stockholm, Tallinn, Toulouse, Umeå, Vaduz, Venice, Vilnius, Vienna, Zagreb, Zurich and various German cities

Coach driver in Berlin since 1999
Coach safety training (Sachsenring) in 2002
Limousine chauffeur in Berlin since 2003
Coach safety training (VDL Bova) in 2007
Coach safety training (OMNIplus) in 2013
Coach safety training (ADAC) in 2016

Qualified city guide

2001-2002 City guide course
City guide qualification obtained in 2002
Freelance city guide and chauffeur in Berlin since 2004

Personal details

Oliver Böhm, Chauffeur und Berlin Guide

Born at the Pader river of North-Rhine Westphalia, I attended the Höhere Handelsschule Paderborn (commercial college) and then concluded my vocational training as an industrial business management assistant. I completed my civilian service at the youth hostel in List / Sylt, where I gained my first experience of providing hospitality for international visitor groups. After stays of several months in North America and the UK, I was drawn to the Spree river in 1998 as a “Backpack-Berliner”.

I speak German and English.

My professional ethos is characterised by a committed and experienced approach, where safety, discretion and punctuality are of prime importance. As well as being well-mannered and eloquent in tone, flexibility is another of my congenial qualities. I am always polite, friendly and open towards my clients, even in stressful situations, and I love my job.

Oliver Böhm, your competent chauffeur and city guide